BIKELINKS: Music to go

A bunch of Kiwi schoolkids have invented something which is purported to help stop mountain-bikers taking a tumble (video report). Now I was expecting some kind of revolutionary new kiddie stabilisers, but it turns out to be a backpack-borne stereo-system. That sounds great, but I still don’t quite get how that is supposed to stop you falling off your bike! Anyway, check out my article from the other day – what you need is the HP514/512/510 Voice Messenger!

Jacqui Phelan recaps two decades of the rather genteel-sounding Women’s Mountain Bike & Tea Society – now that sounds just like my cup of Earl Grey! Shame I’m excluded from the start!

And is making clips from their commercial bike repair DVD’s available on their site, changing them periodically. Well worth a look, if you are hopeless at bike repair like me – you get a good close-up view of what they are doing and who knows, you might learn something!

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