Mobile blogging, the official field test!

Well, here it is! Mobile blogging for mountain bikers is a reality! I doubt I can claim a first, but I am very happy about this. I am writing this blog entry from a vantage point on my nearest “mountain”, the Fruska gora near Novi Sad, Serbia. And here is the view as I am seeing it now:

Nothing spectacular, though it was a bit of a slog getting up here, using a nice dirt track I found – can still feel those “winter legs”. But the point is that I CAN “mobile blog” (that’s if Mrs. D lets me borrow her phone again!), and this is going to be great for a blog like this – I really want to show you a rider’s view of mountain biking in Serbia and this will let me do that! Watch this space (or subscribe to the feed) for more soon!

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