Surviving summer!

OK, if I don’t write SOMETHING right now I never will.

In case you are wondering where I got to, just to let you know I am still mountain-biking in Serbia. This year though, I was faced with a choice: either ride my bike, or write about riding it, but not both!

Having a new baby in the house is just not conducive to trying to keep up with some kind of training/riding schedule AND maintaining a blog on the subject – so it had to be one or the other!

However, I have learned a LOT this summer, and I hope I get to share it with you over the winter via the blog! Just one exciting bit of news: got a mention in the new edition of the new 3rd edition Bradt Travel Guide to Serbia by Laurence Mitchell in the section on cycling in Serbia! Laurence contacted me some while back and I was able to give him some pointers, which he very skilfully wove into a small section on mountain-biking in Serbia.

Bradt Guide to SerbiaThis book is probably the most up-to-date travellers’ guide to Serbia right now and having dipped into it I can thoroughly recommend it – on holiday this year I saw plenty of foreign tourists clutching a copy, and I will write up a more detailed review as soon as I get time. In the meantime, you can order it from Amazon:

US Amazon: Serbia, 3rd (Bradt Travel Guide)

UK Amazon: Serbia (Bradt Travel Guide)

That’s all folks, just wanted to check in – back soon with some Useful Stuff I Learned This Summer.

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