Minibus from Budapest to Serbia

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT in any way affiliated with “Gea Turs”, the company described below – we merely supply the information for the benefit of our visitors. Please do not try to BOOK through our site – contact Gea directly using the number or email below!

A very common way of getting from Budapest airport, having flown in from a European destination via a budget airline, is using an airport minibus. I can thoroughly recommend that run by Gea Tours from Belgrade, who usually have to be booked in advance, but will await your flight and after possibly waiting for other passengers from later flights, will convey you in just a few hours down to the Serbian border and via Subotica, Novi Sad and to Belgrade, in a nice comfortable minibus. It beats any messing around on trains and costs around 35 EUR one way.

You can contact them as follows:

Tel/fax: ++381 11 / 2686-635, 2686-622
2643-840, 2685-043
E-mail: gea@eunet.yu

Of course, if it is Exit Festival time, you will need to make very sure you have a reservation as demand will be huge.

As an addendum, in answer to a question posed by a reader, no, there is no special tariff for children, since, as they explained to me, a child takes up one seat just the same as an adult so they cannot offer a discount.

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11 Responses to Minibus from Budapest to Serbia

  1. BOB says:

    I’m in the other side of the world planning for the Exit Festival in Serbia.

    Do you have any tips for the other way around: Serbia to Budapest ? This return would be after the festival.

    Recommendations by bus or train? What is for you less of a hassle and what is the transit time? Prices?

  2. markowe says:

    Hi Bob, and anyone else who needs this info – I wrote up a page about this here.

    I hope there is enough information there for you to take a decision about how to get back from Novi Sad. And I hope you enjoy your time here.


  3. annabel says:

    how much for infants under 4 years of age?? we are travelling on june 28th.

  4. Katie says:

    The 35Euros you quote for the minibus from budapest to serbia…is that per person or per minibus?? And is this direct from budapest airport to Novi Sad/ The Festival????

  5. Katie says:

    Sorry…also how long does it take??

  6. markowe says:


    Just to clarify, it’s not a “quote” – I don’t have any affiliation with Gea, I just provide this info as someone who “knows the ropes”.

    The 35 Euros is per person, one way – the minibus takes about 8 or 9 people I think. It is not usually full but that will be different during EXIT, to reiterate, you MUST try to book something in advance with them

    The minibus is not a special EXIT service – as far as I know it will be running as per usual, i.e. meeting the flights of pre-booked passengers. However, yes, it goes from Budapest airport direct to Novi Sad (sometimes via towns on the way if there are any passengers) and then continues on to Belgrade. It doesn’t go to the festival/camp site per se, but it does go to Novi Sad train station and from there it’s a taxi ride to the site, or even a long walk if you feel like it!

    As far as trip length goes, it’s about 4 hours, but it can depend a lot on the traffic at the Serbia-Hungary border (which is now an EU frontier, remember) – in summer the border crossings can be very congested – last summer I waited a good 2 hours on one occasion (not travelling with Gea that time), which left things VERY tight for the flight…!

  7. alan says:

    looking for a trip tp belgrade from budapest on the 1st of october, 1 person, return on the sat or sunday. can you help

  8. zdravko says:

    I am planning to go to Budapest on an interview ,probably 15 Nov. From Novi Sad. I would love tips with two ways trip, go and back ,if possible same day.Thanks

  9. Paula Rivas de Frutos says:


    i’m taking a plane at budapest’s airport on 31 july, I’d appreciate so much the schedule from Novi Sad to budapest airport of the gea minibus for that day.

    And how could i book the tickets in the internet?

    Thanks a lot!


  10. Geerebox says:

    Any remote chance that this minibus service carries bikes?

  11. markowe says:

    Hey, sorry, I missed this message, it’s probably too late now, but anyway, it MIGHT be possible, but those minibuses don’t have a ton of room – enough for a normal amount of luggage. However, if you got it on the plane, it would be part of your luggage like any other. If not, maybe if you packed it up properly it would be OK – either way I would make sure I had a prior agreement with them about that, and be very specific, get a firm agreement, time, place, name of driver, who agreed. Otherwise these “agreements” can get lost in the works and the driver turns up and says, what bike, I was never told about any bike…

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