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Cheap bikes

Looking to buy a decent brand-name bike, but don’t want to pay a fortune? The solution may be a used bike.

Many cyclists, whether mountain-bikers or others, are forever changing bikes and often they are just getting rid of that old model and buying the latest. Sometimes this “old” model can be as recent as this year’s model, with only one season’s riding behind it, and these can be in very good condition.

If you are not so fashion-conscious, but rather more “wallet-conscious” like me, there are large numbers of these second-hand, brand-name bikes available on eBay, and you should have no qualms about buying a used bike. Of course, there is always the possibility of some hidden wear and tear (though sellers are obliged to disclose all issues with the bike, or any other product, and to refund your money if the bike turns out not to be as described) – but for the most part you will get a lot of bike for your money and most likely it will only need minor repairs.

Cheap bike parts

eBay is also a good source of parts – those same enthusiasts will change shocks, frames and just about all other parts on a regular basis, not because they are in bad condition but because they have upgraded to something “even better” (there’s always something better!), and many of those end up on eBay too. Also, eBay is where many retail sellers will put up brand new bike parts for sale and you can find good prices on derailleurs, chainsets, seats, brake systems… well, you get the idea.

So don’t think eBay is a cheap-and-nasty option for bikes and parts – on the contrary, the bike of your dreams may be waiting in the next auction! So browse through our sections listed above to check out our growing listings.

And if you’re not sure about buying through eBay, check out the guide – it’s actually easy to register and start buying, and it’s fun too!

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