Mountain bike bargains

This section is devoted to finding those mountain bike bargains on eBay. Buying a second-hand mountain bike can be a very good option – you are likely to find a brand-name bike for a very good price, often with relatively moderate wear-and-tear which at worst might mean a few extra quid/bucks investment in parts. This is a FAR better option that buying a department-store piece of junk: this way you end up with a quality bike for only a little more than a rubbish bike, even if the latter is cheap as chips.

Furthermore, mountain bikes offered for sale on eBay can be as recent as this year’s model. There are people out there who just cannot bear to have “last year’s” bike on their hands and will offload it as soon as the season is out. So winter is a particular good time to buy.

We have tried to sort everything here in some logical order – by brand and sometimes by model. So use the menu at the top to browse, and happy mountain-bike hunting!

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