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Losing the spare tyre: Phase 1, Week 1

(click for full horror) Weight: 85kg, Waist: 95.6cm My brother, cruel little boy that he is, when he sees somebody who is slightly “larger than life” (read, hideously obese), on TV say, likes to chant at the screen, “Eat less! EAT LESS!!” Of course, you would never catch me being so uncharitable, but I like…

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Cyclist spare tyre

The problem Every cyclist carries a spare tyre. It’s common sense. But right now, with the onset of winter, the only spare tyre I am carrying is around my midriff. I have to give you the background to this: I am one of these people who has been able to eat with impunity all their…

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MTB-Serbia goes to the UK

I have committed the ultimate blogging crime: bloggers are supposed to slavishly churn out blog entries every day (more than one article preferably), day in day out without fail. Well, I just haven’t. And the other thing bloggers are not supposed to do is go on to make feeble excuses about why they haven’t written…

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