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Degreasing mountain bike disc brakes

UPDATE: though this is still a good suggestion if you are having brake problems, the conclusion I came to in the end was just “just buy new pads”. This is partly because mine were actually very worn, which wasn’t helping, but also it’s probably better to be safe than sorry. So try this by all…

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Correct mountain bike tyre pressure

Just to take a break from uploading all those pictures from our recent mountain ride to Montenegro (couple of days left to write up, then there’s the hiking holiday on Durmitor to tell you all about!) – here’s a bit of bike techie stuff, which I don’t usually bother with that much with on this…

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All I want for Christmas: a seasonal series for mountain-bikers

What to buy a mountain-biker for Christmas? Christmas is a-coming, the geese are getting fat. As are cyclists. But that’s OK, this is the time of year when the rides get fewer and farther in between and we start thinking about what to stock up on for the coming year in terms of MTB gear….

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