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Uzice to Durmitor – August trek summary

It’s high time I wrote a little summary wrapping up our trip from Serbia to Montenegro by mountain bike in August where I can collect together all the links and give you some interesting stats (well, interesting if you are a stats freak like me). In short, the plan was for Straja and myself to…

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Užice to Žabljak, August 8th – Bučje-Pljevlja-Tara Canyon-ŽABLJAK!

Have now posted the final set of pictures from the big August mountain bike ride from Užice in Serbia to Žabljak, Durmitor in Montenegro undertaken by Straja and myself. Check them out here. Just time for a quick write-up of the last day’s ride here before I write an article to wrap the whole thing…

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A GPS for all seasons on Tara mountain, Serbia

You hear about these trucks and buses plummeting off cliffs all because they followed their sat-navs blindly. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean. Well, the moral of this weekend’s biking “action” on my part is that cyclists certainly need to think before they go pedalling off into the great unknown with only…

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