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Cable water-skiing at Belgrade’s Ada Ciganlija

Weird day! Bit off-topic this (and I am seriously in the red, with lots of biking tales and pictures to post), but you mountain-bikers are active types so I reckon this might interest you: an unexpected trip to Belgrade to get my laptop serviced today (with me grumbling all the way that I hadn’t cycled…

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Handsfree mobile cycling! Review of the HP 514-512-510 Voice Messenger

NOTE: Since writing this review, certain issues have come to light regarding the HP 514-512-510 Voice Messenger. Some readers (and me too) have had problems with the battery, the alarm not going off when it IS supposed to (while charging) and GOING off when it is NOT supposed to (NOT very popular with Mrs. D!),…

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EXIT Festival – Your poo and your passport are safe!

If you are coming to the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, you may be wondering how preparations are coming along this end! Well, this is a bit off-topic for this blog, but I am in a good position to give you a location report from the festival site in Novi Sad. As you can see…

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