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Novi Sad and Fruska gora – satellite imagery now available!

Sorry, the Google Maps plugin stopped working at some point – until I figure out what happened, the route won’t display on the map and there might be other side-effects too… Well, I don’t know exactly at what point this happened, but it’s something we’ve been waiting for for ages. Novi Sad was until recently…

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Start planning to ride the Danube in Serbia

Last year I wrote about the opening of the Serbian section of the Danube Cycle Route (Danube Cycle Route comes to Serbia), which was great news. I can see from the visits to this site that interest is building in this and it seems a lot of people are thinking of taking the route this…

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Alternative Serbia Danube route, off the beaten track with GPS!

No sooner had I told you about the opening of a section of the Danube cycle route in Serbia than we go out and completely ignore it! I have not actually ridden the route as it is now “officially” marked out, with a collection of proper signposts running through Serbia, and I have not got…

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