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My stable – bikes to make grown men weep!

I like to participate in a few mountain biking forums, such as, they are great for learning about biking and for idle biking-related chat. Thing is, most of the regulars on these forums are based in the UK, US etc. and they inhabit a completely different world from mine, here in Serbia. In particular,…

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It Can’t be that Hard, Part 2: Changing an inner tube

Recap Well, maybe you caught the first bumbling installment of this series, where I demonstrated that it CAN be that hard patching an inner tube! One additional thing to look out for, that I didn’t mention, is that you have properly sanded down the area around before patching, because tubes are prepared with a layer…

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Patching an inner tube – it can’t be that hard

It can’t be THAT hard Welcome to the first part of an occasional, but no doubt frequent series entitled “It can’t be that hard“, where I try to save money by, instead of going to the bike shop (usually Fanatic), trying to learn to do it myself. It’s not just frugality, I want to demystify…

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