A roll-call of the people I have “met” out in the blogosphere and who have something to do with mountain-biking, however tenuous the link!

Active Brits Biking Blog – Psychs and crew are, well, Brits, and they ride bikes. I originally “met” Psychs after reading his article about his horrendous broken arm injury a while back. You should also check out the Active Brits’ other sites, especially the Active Brits Extreme Global Balancing Blog (but don’t try it at home!)

Baby ChaosShe’s a Brit and she’s got the same bike as me, nuff said.

MTB Britain – the site I might have made had I stayed in England! As it is, though, I know nothing about mountain-biking in Britain and will leave it to Gareth Robinson.

Sip, Clip and Go – Heather and Karen blog about the kind of pleasant rides that I like, just chilling out, enjoying nature, with less of the break-neck daredevil stuff.

Travel Photo-Blogging Blog – Some really nice travel photos from Marko, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Not much mountain-biking, but it was good to hook up with Marko and talk about Slovenia, Serbia (Exit) and old Yugoslav bicycles!

Your MTB – One of the major MTB sites out there (5th biggest in terms of members, I believe). Nice to have “enthusiast-in-chief” Walker Thompson pop by once or twice.

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