Novi Sad for visitors

In this section we’ll try to collect some useful information for visitors specifically coming to Novi Sad, whether it is by bike, for the EXIT Festival or for some other reason.

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4 Responses to Novi Sad for visitors

  1. Guy Hollingsworth says:

    am planning to cycle form Sheffield to Istanbul July to Oct so am pleased to hear that about the Serbian section of the Danube cycle route. Are there many campsites in Serbia?

    • charlotte says:

      Hi there.

      I am planning to go on the Danube cycle route this April from Romania and across Serbia…

      I just wanted to see if you completed your journey and how it went?
      Did you have any problems wild camping?(finding a place/ fines etc…)

      Also, in Serbia I have read that there are regulations in place that mean you have to register with the authorities within 24 hours of entering the country with where you are staying and your host info. However, as we are planning to camp as much as possible and will be travelling across Serbia – how would we go about this? I know there are lots of cyclists who do this route and surely some of them wild camp also.
      It states that you can get a big fine/imprisonment at the boarder when you leave if you do not have the relevant documents.

      Any help on this issue would be great!!
      Also it would be lovely to hear any info and stories about your journey.

      • markowe says:

        Hi Charlotte,

        I don’t know if the poster above will see your message, and I never actually did the whole route through Serbia – I live in Serbia anyway, and am more into mountain-biking these days, and not so into “flat” trips :), so I am not THAT clued-up on the Danube Route. But I can tell you what I know:

        Wild camping is fine, you are not OFFICIALLY supposed to camp outside official campsites, but I have NEVER heard of anyone having any problems with this – my friends and I have camped many times in random places. If you leave the place tidy and take your rubbish with you (as I know you will), you will be making far less impact than most “wild campers” and daytrippers in Serbia. The main problem I usually have is finding a good spot that has drinking water nearby – that is not always possible. People are not even really bothered if you camp on their private land, they are usually very welcoming.

        About the registration – the so-called “white card/beli karton” – it’s a good question, you ARE supposed to register with a host at the local police (that could be a hostel, or official campsite, or some such), which as you rightly guess can’t be done if you are camping unofficially. I honestly don’t know the answer – all I do know is that I lived in Serbia for many years as a “foreigner” and came in and out of the country many times, and was VERY rarely (maybe never!) asked to show my white carton – indeed I deliberately didn’t carry it because I didn’t want them to take it from me because I didn’t want to reregister every time I came back into the country, and I never had any problems with that, I just said I didn’t have it with me.

        But I don’t want to give you bad advice – I will ask some cycling friends what they know, and get back to you here. Also, you might want to ask around some forums because lots of other cyclists have experience of this already.

  2. Mark Daniels says:

    Hi Guy,

    Wow, Sheffield to Istanbul! Now that’s a journey, in more ways than one 🙂 Should be amazing, though I imagine I’d be wanting to get the UK section out of the way ASAP!

    As far as camping goes, to be honest there AREN’T as many campsites in Serbia as there are in other countries, and certainly none that I can think of along the Danube route! (guess people haven’t though of it yet) Your best bet would be to check out this page, which should have some info on, though I imagine you might need to deviate from the route a little to find them. Also, that CAN’T be a complete list. The Zemun one would probably be useful to you, that’s just outside Belgrade. Also, there is one I see on the list at Golubac, which is on the Danube down towards the Romanian border, if you are going that far.

    To be honest though, although officially you are only supposed to camp at designated camp sites in Serbia, that must be one of the least-enforced laws in Serbia (well, actually, I can think of a few others…) because you could camp just about anywhere, as long as you got yourself away from the main road and you had a water supply of some sort. If it was farm land of some sort, or an orchard, and you could find the owner, you could ask permission, but usually they would be surprised you even bothered asking – most land is not fenced off in Serbia. Then you could maybe use their water supply too. There are certain areas of National Park where you are not supposed to light fires either, if you like to have a fire when you camp. But again, mostly just common sense.

    Hope that’s some help. As it happens, I keep planning to actually ride the whole Danube route myself in Serbia, which would take 3-4 days at a moderate pace, and do some camping along the way – my tactic would probably be – find a nice spot, make sure there is water, clean up after myself – no problems. If no one can see me on the way past, all the better (though that’s just me being antisocial).

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