Wi-Fi hotspots in Novi Sad

Novi Sad has a growing number of cafes with free wireless Internet access, so if you are coming for any reason and will have your laptop with you, here are just some of the cafes with wi-fi Internet access in Novi Sad.

Firstly, someone has done a good job of plotting their locations on Google Maps, so this could be useful (the map doesn’t work great for some reason, will work on it) – below the map is a list of addresses and comments for some of the cafes.

Wi-Fi hotspots in Novi Sad

I have not been to all of these cafes to try out the wi-fi, but here are some comments for the cafes I HAVE been to – these are the only ones I can vouch for.
Telenor hotspot – Dunavski park (town centre)

One of the local mobile phone providers has just opened a great new, free hotspot in the Dunavski park which you should easily be able to find on any tourist map. The transmitter is housed in a big monolithic Telenor logo near the bandstand in the park, you can’t miss it. There you can sit in very nice, leafy surroundings and use wi-fi or USB-based net at your leisure. Only problem is, no power. Plus people might look at you strangely, the local population has yet to get used to seeing people working in parks with their laptops, but don’t worry about that too much.

Radio Cafe
Miletićeva 45
Comments: Quite a new cafe, owned by the Novi Sad Radio021 radio station. Really nice atmosphere with relaxed young staff. Located in an old-style house with courtyard. Conservatory out back which is a bit less smokey, plus a garden for the summer. The radio station seems to have some offices here too. No problem with plugging your laptop into the power, there’s a power socket in the conservatory by the exit into the garden. Log-in to the network is no longer via a password, as previously.
Kafe Maša
Zmaj Jovina 4 , Novi Sad
Comments: Nice enough place, with a maritime them. Not very busy during the day. The name of the cafe is written in lower-case Cyrillic, which makes it practically unreadable to anyone, but you are looking for a word that looks like Mawa, with the “w” (actually a “sh-“) underlined. Fine about plugging in – there’s a table near a socket at the far back of the cafe – free access. Check out the semi-transparent doors in the toilets though!

Ritmo Latino Fiesta Caffe
Sremska 9
Pleasant place with a constant rotation of customers during the day, playing mostly Latino music. Connect to the wireless network and then open your browser to log in. Staff happy to let you sit there all day, and no objections to plugging into the power either, if you manage to find a spot near a socket. Very reasonable prices – you can sit in there and drink coffee all day. Only problem is, gets very smoky, and also you need to go to the toilet at some point!

Picerija Prima
Sutjestka 2, SPENS
Not much to look at as a cafe, but in a handy location in the SPENS sports and shopping centre which is pretty close to the EXIT camp site. Net is free, no objections to plugging in, coffee is cheap. Also, you can sit “outside”, where it’s less smoky.

Route 66
Bulevar despota Stefana 5
Very new and modern-looking cafe, very spacious so not too smoky during the day. A bit out of the way in terms of location – it’s in some warehouses some minutes walk up-river from the EXIT camp site, but might be handy if you are out walking by the river. Haven’t tried plugging in there.

Bulevar Oslobođenja 102 (Merkator shopping centre)

Supposed to have wi-fi and there is something floating about, but doesn’t seem to work, none of the staff could help me get it working and there was nowhere to plug in either, so not really worth bothering.

Coffee2Go (Kafa za poneti)
Bulevar oslobođenja (Merkator)

Free wi-fi available and somewhere to plug in too if you sit inside.


These are cafes in Novi Sad with known wireless hotspots, but I have not been there myself.

Flying Dutchman
Bulevar Oslobođenja 54

Beza Caffe
Fruškogorska 76

Cubismo Museum
Petrovaradinska tvrđava

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 18

Caffe Casa
Kralja Aleksandra 10
021/529-388 n

Caffe Club D
Zmaj Jovina 26

Central House
Jevrejska 19

Branimira Ćosića 6

Narodnog Fronta 2

Novosadskog Sajma 18

Budha bar
Stražilovska 37

Panter, Cafe Pizzeria
Bulevar kralja Petra I

Caffe Harmonija

Bulevar Cara Lazara 21

Ise Bajića BB

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12 Responses to Wi-Fi hotspots in Novi Sad

  1. markowe says:

    Hey, thanks, that’s really useful!

  2. Ja says:

    Whole center of Novi Sad now have coverage of free city Wi-Fi.

    Username: gost
    Password: gost

  3. Ja says:

    Whole center of Novi Sad now have coverage of free city Wi-Fi.

    Network: gradnovisad
    Username: gost
    Password: gost

  4. markowe says:

    Thanks for that, yes, I heard about that but haven’t tried it yet! That’s got to be really useful!

  5. blaupunk says:

    and what about the rest of serbia?
    belgrade, for exemple?

  6. markowe says:

    I would like to, but to be honest, since I live in Novi Sad I don’t have a simple way to check out the Belgrade hotspots myself, as I like to do. But maybe I will try to compile a list…

  7. blaupunk says:

    I just got back from serbia. strange thing: I have found lots of (apparently) open wireless accesses that didn’t let me do anything or asked for a login. so I used the wifi access of the hostels where I was. in Novi Sad I found no traces of the network gradnovisad. but the city is lively and beautiful, as it is beograd. lovely country indeed, apart from heavy traffic on the roads!

  8. markowe says:

    True, most hotels etc. seem to have a free wifi network available. I think it’s cheap to set up, just the connection for 20-30 EUR/month and a router – most guests are happy with a shared, low bandwidth connection that they can use for email and basic surfing, and everybody’s happy. I haven’t had a chance to try out this gradnovisad network either, but there are plenty of cafes where you can sit anyway, as listed above, and you can plug in to the electricity too, good for me because my 17″ monster runs all of 45 minutes on the battery!

    Traffic is heavy in summer on the motorways as they are a through route to the south of Serbia, Greece, Turkey etc. and there are many people from Europe who originate from these countries who go back in the summer to visit. Out of season traffic is bad just in towns – but the standard of driving is terrible everywhere…

  9. Job says:

    @Ja There is absolutely no full WIFI coverage in Novi Sad, not in front of main post office, nor in front of hotel Putnik (and that is town center) , so I really don’t know where you got that info, ’cause it’s not true!

  10. markowe says:

    Agreed, I have tried several times but never really came to a firm conclusion. There does seem to be a network of this description in Zmaj Jovina etc. but even that doesn’t seem to actually work. I guess it’s like a lot of ‘free’ things, you get what you paid for 🙂

  11. abrasax says:

    I connected on several occassions to gradnovisad network at the clock tower on petrovaradin fortress. The signal was weak but it was ok for browsing.

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