Serbia GPS resources

Visitors to MTB Serbia often come looking for GPS resources relating to Serbia – topographic and road maps in particular. Here is a little information, though there is not still a great deal of choice if you are wanting to use your GPS in Serbia, to be honest.


Garmin GPS devices are probably the best-supported in Serbia, through their local distributor, InfoTeam, who regularly publish updates to their Garmin MapSource package called SCG Route, which covers both Serbia and Montenegro. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is nowhere currently to buy these outside Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, though the latest MapSource Navigator Europe package (click to see on Amazon US) seems to include at least the major roads in Serbia, which is OK if you are just passing through.

If you are mountain-biking or similar, then SCG Route will not be all that much use anyway. Despite the inclusion of a growing number of hiking and biking trails, SCG Route is still primarily a road route planner.

Serbia Garmin Topo maps

Some enthusiasts have been busy and created their own basic topographical maps for Garmin devices – you can download a complete set of topographical maps for Serbia and Montenegro here!

These are currently the only available GPS resources for Serbia that I know of – but I would be happy to add any more if you can tell me otherwise.

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  1. zoran says:

    I have GEOSAT 5 and i need map for serbia.Somebady know where i can by?

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